About Us

Why Olekoo

Olekoo is an interactive live shopping platform where creators broadcast to their fans who watch them and buy recommended products.

Creators attempt to leverage their social clout to start online businesses, but they often face the realities of building and running one. They contend with buying and setting up a website, buying hostname and domain, sourcing suppliers, products and storage space. All of which can kill the business even before it began. 

We are on a mission to make it easier for creators to start online businesses with zero investment and without the hassle of managing website, inventory, shipment and payment. They broadcast live with a product they love, interact with the audience, and Olekoo handles the rest. We also connect merchants and brands to super-sellers on our platform, who can relate and interact live with customers better than anyone can. Start your live shopping journey with Olekoo today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the #1 platform where creators turn side hustle into a business.